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PS Our prices falls depending on the duration. Enter your dates, you will see your price!

The high season 2020 will be from  june 27 to august 30. In some cases we can accommodate min nights in seasons overlaps. please ask ! For the holidays and spring break, a min of 3 nights required. For period of more than 3 weeks, send us an email !

We are open all year long. Hi season: Saturday to saturday: Mikmak, Sous-bois, Eki, Wigwam / Sunday to sunday : L'Églantier, Tamarak, Ruisseau, Iris

High SEASON 2021

From  june 26 to august 29

(Heart of the summer + 15%)

(min 7 nuitées)


From August 28 to june 26 ::

Christmas and june + 15 %

7 nights (1 week)

$ 1386 (SPA $ 1625)

$ 978 (SPA $1304)

6 nights

min 7 nuitées

$ 950 (SPA $ 1263)

5 nights

min 7 nuitées

$ 792 (SPA $ 1052)

4 nights

min 7 nuitées

$ 634 (SPA $ 842)

3 nights

min 7 nuitées

$ 544 (SPA $ 725)

2 nights

min 7 nuitées

$ 363 (SPA $ 483)

1 night

min 7 nuitées

$ 270 (SPA $ 401)

3 weeks et +

From septembre to mai (inclus)

3 weeks / $ 2100
1 month / $ 2340
2 months / $ 2000
3 months / $ 1700
4 months / $ 1450
5 months / $ 1240

6 month et more

from septembre to mai (inclus)

$ 1000 / month

Taxes not included: Logging 3,5% + TPS-TVQ 14,97%

Payment : This contract will take effect upon reception of 50% of the total amount payable now with a credit card. The remainder of payment (check, cash or credit card). Please only at your arrival

Arrival: We don't have a reception office. You will have to go directly to your cottage (name of the cottage on the invoice), please feel welcome to settle in.  We will pass by as soon as we can. Thank you for your interest in The End of the world cottages.

Cancellation Policy: In case of an annulment, we shall try to find another renter for the same period.

*We rent the cottage: You are refunded.

*91 days and more before your reservation date: Your deposit is valid for the next rental.

*90 days and less before your reservation date: You are not refunded (except in extraordinary situations).

Number of persons : Max 6 at all time

Time of arrival and departure: SUMMER = 4 PM and 10 AM :: WINTER = 2 PM et 11 AM (to accommodate the  cleanings) Pets: Not allowed. Smoker : All the cottages are non smoker. You will have to smoke outside. Keys: You will be charged 25 $ for any key lost. Breaking : All breaking that you are responsible for, will be charge extra on your bill.

The chalets are subject to unannounced visits to maintain, repair or improvement of services.

In some cases, your cottage may be asked to change to accommodate the clientelle in relation to the duration of the lease. Exception (cottages 5) you will be notified.

Discharge: I am aware that biking, kayaking and snowshoeing or any activities at the Chalets du bout du monde, involves risks and dangers present.

I acknowledge possess the necessary skills to practice kayaking, biking and snowshoeing. I agree that kayaks should remain within the prescribed area. I acknowledge that I have reviewed the bikes, kayaks and snowshoes and be satisfied with their quality and I have read the documentation related to their use before using it.

I accept the responsibility and the costs of any damage, of any nature whatsoever injury that could meet me or I might cause to others as well as breakage of equipment belonging to the Chalets end of the world. I waive all claims and disclaims any liability Chalets du bout du monde, its staff and owners.
I hereby certify that neither my heirs, or my legal personal nor my family nor myself not commit will file a complaint or legal action against the chalets du bout du monde.
I accept as a parent, guardian, or responsible for a child, that all minors must be accompanied by a responsible person (major). I agree personally and on behalf of the child with the terms of this disclaimer and that they also apply to the child.
To check the acceptance box, means that I accept for myself and on behalf of those who accompany me, all the conditions mentioned above.

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